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Shanghai success 1 patients wi

October 3, Zhongshan Hospital of Fudan University successfully shows 1 75-year old male patient with a percutaneous aortic valve replacement.   On October 9 patients recovered and discharged. The patient as a result of repeated chest tightness, shortness of breath presenting to the hospital, diagnosed by color Doppler ultrasound of the heart of senile Degenerative aortic valve sclerosis, severe aortic stenosis. Cardiology Director Ge Junbo carefully weigh the patient in the hospital after open-heart surgery risks, decisions for patients with percutaneous aortic valve replacement. Only 1 hour and 10 minutes the successful completion of the operation.   

Shanghai successfully treated

Left chart: chest film shows, Mediastinal or great place left chest complicated with hydrothorax, left the 4th rib defect destruction. Figure on right: postoperative chest, left the 4th rib missing, left lung translucent less.   (Text/figure   s.m.Sze)   recently, Xinhua hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of 1 cases suffering from chest huge on the success of mesenchymal tumor resection of sarcoma of the 5-year-old girl. The child with chest CT showed that a left thoracic giant tumor which not only takes up the entire left side pleural effusion, and involving the whole chest and left to the right of the abdomen, diaphragm was left completely into the abdominal cavity. Mass ratio of transverse diameter and pleural effusion transverse diameter of 90%.   After careful study and analysis of image data, Professor of cardiothoracic surgery at the hospital Mei Ju raised median sternotomy on chest + section of abdominal incision, first open the diaphragm by squeezing expose masses of diaphragm for separation surgery programme. Surgery lasted nearly 3 hours, resection of the tumor weighed 2 kg, pathological tip of mesenchymal chondrosarcoma. After healer of guardianship, after careful treatment, care, children recover smoothly, left lung is compressed for many years 1 week after finally recruited, breathing gradually ride comfort.   

CRCP bone health education pro

Report from (reporters Zhang side) by the cancer rehabilitation and palliative care professional Committee of Chinese anti-cancer Association (CRCP) initiates, Beijing Novartis Corporation supports major medical education project "sail planning" was officially launched in January 2009. Surveys show that current cancer rate is 2.2 million cases per year, is expected by 2020 will reach 5.5 million cases per year. Who tumors are defined as manageable chronic diseases have been, bone metastases is cancer most common complication; thus the, attention to cancer patients life quality – bone health, achieve survival, tumor is cancer patients "kindness" important guarantee of deposit. It was also "sail plan" one of the goals.  Another main objective of the scheme is intended for clinicians, further promoting the malignancy bone metastases and bone related diseases clinical expert consensus. Beginning in January 2009, the project will organize the Committee of experts, a nationwide survey on the treatment of bone metastasis, and develop continuing medical education in 24 cities, while filtering and shares outstanding cases. In addition, the project will build bone health care, patient education, the pilot will be held in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Wuhan, 6 hospitals.   

Crayfish rhabdomyolysis syndro

1. Nanjing rhabdomyolysis syndrome that appears related to crayfish do? Answer: since July this year, Nanjing Jiangsu provincial people's Hospital, Nanjing drum tower hospital, patients have been admitted to hospital because the edible crayfish, present as muscle soreness and with serum Myoglobin and creatine phosphokinase rise, soy sauce's color urine appears in some patients, doctors diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis.   After further study on epidemiological investigation and expert discussions, initially think the Nanjing appears after a few cases of rhabdomyolysis syndrome associated with edible crayfish.   2. What is a Striated Muscle dissolution syndrome?   Answer: Striated Muscle dissolved integrated levy commonly known as muscle dissolved, striated muscle dissolved may makes muscle cell in the of content property release to blood in the, these content property due to contains more of muscle red protein and makes patients performance for muscle red protein blood/urine disorder, due to muscle red protein required through kidney discharges body outside, thus heavy disorder patients in discharges process in the muscle red protein is easy blocking renal small tube and effect renal function.   3. What are the possible causes of rhabdomyolysis syndrome?   Answer usually Striated Muscle dissolution and certain hereditary diseases, muscle trauma, muscle ischemic damage, excessive muscle movement, metabolism diseases and bacteria and virus infection-related, second drinking, drugs or chemical toxins can also cause Striated Muscle dissolution.   4. eating crayfish in Nanjing in China suspected clinical cases of rhabdomyolysis syndrome caused by what are the symptoms? Answer: currently in China has reported due to edible small lobster and led Striated Muscle dissolved of case, are is in edible small lobster number hours to more than 10 hours Hou onset, clinical symptoms for: continued sexual muscle pain, main performance for systemic sexual or local sexual pain (as back, and shoulder, and neck, and chest, and lower limb, and upper limb, and waist,), individual case with low back pain, and weak, and chest stuffy, and respiratory pain, symptoms. Cases had no fever, muscle cramps, dry mouth, dizziness, numbness, disturbance of consciousness, hepatosplenomegaly, and so on.   Clinical inspection of creatine phosphokinase in transient rise.   5. have there been any similar cases in the history report? A: crayfish in China for many years the edible history that consumption of broader population, is a popular flavor of food. From a historical point, China had occurred in 2000 reported in Beijing area 6 crayfish induced rhabdomyolysis syndrome cases. According to documents reported, other countries also have cases of rhabdomyolysis syndrome resulting from an edible fishery products, from 1924 first discovered has been more than 80 years of history.   The disease in the Baltic Sea region, the Mediterranean, United States, and Brazil are occurring, and edible buffalo fish, freshwater fish or crayfish and other food-related, but the number of cases have occurred rarely.   6. What is a half? A: in 1924, was first reported on the international foreign caused by consumption of aquatic products of rhabdomyolysis cases of syndrome of unknown origin, occurred in the Baltic Sea in half, thus called Hough (Haff Disease), suspect the disease associated with toxins that have not yet been determined. Hough disease typically present as sudden onset of rhabdomyolysis, accompanied by urinary muscle tenderness, stiffness, soy sauce, and so on.   The disease may be associated with eating a lot of aquatic products and individual factors.   7. Nanjing crayfish rhabdomyolysis caused by suspected syndrome and Hough has to do with it?   Answer: Nanjing case reports of rhabdomyolysis syndrome and half of the previous reports at home and abroad in the presentation, on the results of laboratory testing, epidemiological features of highly similar.   8. half rhabdomyolysis caused by disease and crayfish suspected syndrome prognosis? A: fo

New anti-tumor protein spink6

Recently, Huang Qingshan, life sciences, Fudan University Professor leading the research team found a new anti-tumor protein SPINK6 to be effective in inhibiting tumor cell invasion and metastasis, the results should be used for clinical, is expected to reduce patient's tumor after resection of hepatocellular carcinoma recurrence rate for the second time. &Nbsp; Huang Qingshan describes, SPINK6 is they in research small virus anti-tumor role process in the has no intention of found of, in on its role principle preliminary experimental observation in the found, SPINK6 in cancer organization in the by up of role may has two aspects: a is through effect tumor suppression gene p53, suppression tumor cell malignant hyperplasia; II is through regulation cell of sticky echoed movement ability, suppression tumor cell of infiltration and transfer, turn suppression tumor of recurrence and transfer. SPINK6 than other antitumor protein a remarkable 3 advantages produced by body SPINK6, no toxic to human immune; outside SPINK6 is a secretory protein, not entering inside the cells work; after in vivo experimental studies found, the proteins for multiple hepatocellular is particularly strong inhibitory effects. These advantages genetic engineering drugs to be developed for the treatment of liver cancer are important.   

Neuronavigation minimally inva

Report from  , (reporter   Liu Chang   resident journalist Dai Runming) Shanghai Huashan hospital affiliated to Fudan University Professor Zhou liangfu, in 1997, China has pioneered neuronavigation surgery of clinical and basic research, central nervous system structure and function of the realization of the precise three-dimensional localization and tracking, modern to the minimally invasive neurosurgery, precision, safety and efficiency of development goals and promoting.   Recently, the research results to be the seventh "Shanghai medical science and technology award" award. The research team independent innovation, after more than 10 years, conquered following difficulties: 1. research team Yu 2005 completed function neural navigation surgery treatment movement area brain tumor of mass, and prospect sexual clinical controlled test research, confirmed the technology may significantly improve movement area brain tumor of surgery effect; 2. established micro-catheter positioning method, for brain glial tumor and the more made tumor surgery process in the, in monitoring brain shift situation of while improve lesions full cut rate; 3. collaborative Fudan University Digital Medical Research Center, Carried out brain deformation correction software research and development, effective upgrade domestic neural navigation system of independent technology content and dynamic positioning precision, and implementation has based on low field strength operation in the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of function neural navigation surgery; 4. research personnel Yu 2006 introduced low field strength operation in the MRI real-time image navigation technology, carried out brain glial tumor and pituitary tumor of prospect sexual clinical research, further improve has navigation surgery of dynamic precision and tumor resection rate and the clinical effect.   

Neuropathic pain hot spots on

Han Jisheng academician of as a type of chronic pain neuropathic pain, due to the high incidence, seriously affecting the patients ' quality of life, now under increasing concern and attention.  However, the complex pathogenesis of neuropathic pain, explicit treatment of wonder drug, not much, for this reason, we had an interview with academician, HAN Ji-Sheng, who is from talking about the pathogenesis and diagnosis of neuropathic pain, details the latest treatment ideas and future research priorities. Pathogenesis of complex   a high incidence of neuropathic pain, neuralgia, refers to peripheral or central nervous system injury, disease or dysfunction caused by pain, can be divided into peripheral and central neuropathic pain. Han academicians pointed out that the pathogenesis of neuropathic pain is more complex, a variety of mechanisms can cause. Specifically, peripheral mechanisms include increased cell membrane excitability, peripheral sensitization, central mechanisms include increased cell membrane excitability, Central sensitization, neural phenomenon of high-sensitivity, and so on. Changes of ion channel in peripheral mechanisms play an important role for neuropathic pain.  After peripheral nerve injury, calcium ion channel exception repeatedly to enlarge, causing large amounts of calcium ion in the flow, causing abnormal pain and hyperalgesia. Neuropathic pain in a high incidence, incidence in the general population is about 7%, in China there are about 16 million cases of neuropathic pain. Postherpetic neuralgia and painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy is the most common of the two types of neuropathic pain, others include trigeminal neuralgia, sciatica, and so on. Postherpetic neuralgia is a continued manifestation of acute Herpes Zoster pain, the incidence of 7%~27%, and as she grew older the incidence is increasing.  Diabetic peripheral neuropathy pain in diabetic patients overall incidence is approximately 15% and diabetes rise extended time. Diagnosis to be standardized types of neuropathic pain include acupuncture, electric shocks, burning like, tear-like, knife-like pain, patients often have a decline in the quality of life and various features of the damage, often accompanied by sleep disorder, accompanied by symptoms such as anxiety and depression. &Nbsp; in terms of diagnosis, Han academicians pointed out that the diagnostic criteria of considerable challenges, there is lack of standardization of diagnosis and treatment program for clinical practice applications. Past diagnosis mainly based on the causes of neuropathic pain and nerve damage parts, according to the etiological classification of neuropathic pain. In our country, to cognitive lack of neuropathic pain in most patients, resulting in lower rates of diagnosis and treatment.  Currently Chinese scholars have recognized accurate diagnostic and assessment on importance of neuropathic pain treatment, ongoing foreign assessment scales according to Chinese actual situation of patients diagnosis and treatment norm standards help clinicians make quick diagnosis, improve neuropathic pain diagnosis. New breakthroughs in treatment access Han academicians pointed out that the medications are commonly used in the treatment of neuropathic pain, however traditional analgesics such as morphine, tramadol and acetaminophen only sensitive to some patients, treatment is not ideal. Study on the pathogenesis of neuropathic pain as the deepening of international has a clearer one, two or three line treatment. 2007 International Association for the study of pain (IASP) recommended first-line drugs including calcium channel modulators such as puruibalin (Le Ruika), tricyclic antidepressants, etc.  2010 United Kingdom National Institute for health and clinical (NICE) guide the puruibalin as a central or peripheral neuropathic pain of the recommended treatments. As new drugs in the field of neuropathic pain, Puri Bahrain inhibitory neurons euphoria, has now been a number of international guidelines (IASP, NICE and the European Confederation of Neuropa

New anti-tumor protein or to c

Recently, life sciences, Fudan University in Shanghai Huang Qingshan Professor leading the research team found a new anti-tumor protein SPINK6 to be effective in inhibiting tumor cell invasion and metastasis, the results should be used for clinical, is expected to reduce patient's tumor after resection of hepatocellular carcinoma recurrence rate for the second time. Introduction to Huang Qingshan, SPINK6 is in the course of their study on anti-tumor effects of Parvovirus has no intention of finding. Found preliminary observations on researchers on the principle SPINK6 played role in cancer may have two: first by affecting the tumor suppressing gene p53, inhibiting tumor cell malignant hyperplasia; second, by regulating cell adhesion and exercise capacity, inhibiting tumor cell infiltration and metastasis, thereby inhibiting tumor recurrence and metastases. Anti-tumor protein significantly SPINK6 than other 3 big advantages, the SPINK6 produced by the body's own, they will not have immune toxicity; outside the SPINK6 is a secreted protein, do not need to enter into cells work; in vitro and in vivo experimental study found that for multiple hepatocellular carcinoma cells with strong inhibition of the protein. These advantages genetic engineering drugs to be developed for the treatment of liver cancer are important.   

New achievements in the study

High intensity interval training and continuous training: pulmonary rehabilitation effects may be similar sport endurance exercise is effective component of pulmonary rehabilitation can improve exercise capacity in patients with COPD, improving the quality of life. Varge, comparison has high strength training, and intermittent training and self-pace training three species way of effect, will 71 cases in the heavy of COPD patients is divided into c, and I, and s three group, respectively accept high strength continuity training (45 min stepping car movement, and 80% peak work rate, and 3 times/week), and intermittent training (30 min stepping car movement, and 90% maximum power 2 min following the to 50% maximum power 1 min, and 3 times/  Weeks) and family-based self pace no supervisory training (45 min walking or climbing stairs). Group c and group ⅰ in patients with increased test for maximum power and maximum oxygen uptake rates were significantly higher, lactic acidosis markedly improved, and the two are not significantly different.  Activities of the Group of patients with questionnaire scores are improving and no significant difference between groups.  Skim material loss associated with poor prognosis and quality of life in patients with COPD catabolism secondary to systemic inflammation enhanced, thus leading to skim material (FFM) reduction.  Bolton, an 8-week study included 40 patients with stable COPD patients (GOLD  ~ ⅳ-class ⅱ), study of start, end, and after 4 weeks collecting, pseudouridine excretion in patients with pulmonary function and inflammatory markers, and other data. Results show that no matter how COPD, cells increased protein decomposition and FFM and skeletal muscle function and exercise endurance negative correlation.  Pulmonary rehabilitation can improve muscle function and exercise endurance, improve short-term FFM loss, but does nothing to reduce the cellular protein decomposition or systemic inflammatory markers. 6 MWD were good predictors of mortality of COPD patients of cardiopulmonary exercise test (CPET) result is good predictors of mortality of COPD patients, better than second forced expiratory (FEV1) life and health quality indicators.  365 cases of patients with stable COPD accepts CEPT and complete 6 min walking distance (6 MWD) testing, follow-up of 3-121 months. Findings average lifetime for patients (43 ± 24) month, most died from breathing failure. Mortality and 6 MWD, maximum oxygen consumption (VO2), maximum load, body mass index, FEV1, MMRC Borg scale measures such as clear relevance. Compare with Max VO2, 6 MWD is a better predictor of death.  5-year survival rate in patients with 6 MWD<350 m 39%,≪250 m only 26%. Respiratory HeO2 more than pure oxygen helps improve exercise tolerance in patients with hypoxemia whether or not they merge, oxygen therapy may improve symptoms in patients with COPD.  Under laboratory conditions, breathing helium-oxygen mixture (HeO2) as compared with separate oxygen can better improve exercise tolerance in patients with. Marciniuk on 16 cases of patients with COPD and obviously excessive air conducted a randomized, double blind study on transverse. In patients with baseline pulmonary function, CPET, 6 MWD tests first, then respectively in the three types of gas (indoor air or pure oxygen, HeO2 70%/30%)   under the condition of two follow-up, testing 6 MWD. Results show that compared with breathing indoor air and pure oxygen, respiratory HeO2, the increase in walking distance, and shortness of breath and lower extremity weakness has not increased.   

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National inventory of 140,000 three-year evaluation and honoring of the project more than 97% withdrawal rate

According to the Xinhua News Agency Xinhua recently, in recognition of the national appraisal standards coordination group (hereinafter referred to as the Coordination Group) responsible for the recognition of human activities on the standard appraisal standards of work-related issues told reporters.

To further consolidate the results of clean-up standards, last October, the CPC Central Committee and State Council issued the "Measures for the Administration appraisal standards in recognition of activities (Trial)", by the end of appraisal standards in recognition of the establishment of a national coordination group.

Person in charge of the coordination group, according to the State Council required in 2006 to 2009, led by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and other departments involved, a total inventory of a variety of appraisal standards in recognition of the project 148 405, retained the 4218 projects with a total withdrawal rate of 97.16%.

According to reports, the implementation of appraisal standards in recognition of the total project control, in addition to the reservations already approved projects, in principle, and then add a standing item.

Appraisal standards in recognition of activities carried out during the requirements? In this regard, the person in charge of various regions and departments in the organization to carry out the process of appraisal standards in recognition of activities, should earnestly adhere to the following four points:

First, the content in strict accordance with the approved project appraisal standards in recognition of activities carried out without approval may not change, not as a "Chinese" or "Chinese", "National" and so forth.

Second, insist on bottom-up, step by step audit recommendations. For the cadres of the organs and institutions recommended by the cadre management authority, to seek the organization and personnel, discipline inspection and supervision departments to; for recommended companies and enterprises to seek business, taxation, discipline inspection and supervision, safety production sector views.

Third, selection criteria, selection methods and selected results of publicity to the extent appropriate, are generally not named Deputy Secretaries, Deputy Secretaries or equivalent to more units and cadres, party or government above the county level, county level cadres strictly controlled proportion.

Fourth, financial discipline and strict compliance with financial regulations, the organizer shall not in any way be charged to the eligible costs of the units and individuals or disguised charges.

In addition, the coordination group will carry out supervision and inspection in due course. For the unauthorized conduct or activities beyond the approved content to the ground to the grass-roots activities, enterprises and the masses fees assessed, sponsorship and wasteful spending, indiscriminate acts of violation of discipline such as money and goods will be severely dealt with relevant departments to give . Causing negative impact on society, the masses are more strongly commend the project appraisal standards, in accordance with relevant provisions of the timely withdrawal. All localities and departments should promptly carry out supervision and inspection, discipline inspection, auditing and financial institutions, human resources and social security departments by the division of labor standards in recognition of activities to strengthen the supervision and appraisal inspection. Coordination group will be published appraisal standards in recognition of activities, project approval, and accept social supervision.