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Ministry of health, more human

Recently, Hubei Province, report of 1 case of human infection with highly pathogenic avian influenza (hereinafter referred to as human avian influenza) cases, patients save invalid died. After the outbreak occurred, Hubei province health department attached great importance to, in accordance with the relevant provisions and programmes, epidemiological surveys, carried out in a timely manner in close contacts of isolated medical observation, epidemic prevention and control measures such as health propaganda, the epidemic is effectively controlled. &Nbsp; currently, in China South area will entered summer influenza peak, for further strengthening national people avian influenza, respiratory infectious diseases control work, effective should may appears of outbreak, effectively protection masses body health and life security, is now on about work requirements is as follows:   a, and strengthening leadership, implementation joint defense joint controlled work mechanism   at all levels health administrative sector to full awareness to people avian influenza, respiratory infectious diseases on masses body health of threat, May have a serious impact on the socio-economic development, further strengthening of human avian influenza and other respiratory infectious disease prevention and control of leadership, necessary to deal with the implementation of the control mechanism, strengthen coordination and communication. All localities should take effective measures, risk of early detection of respiratory tract infectious disease outbreaks, and doing all kinds of respiratory tract infectious disease prevention and control, timely and appropriate response to unexpected events, reduce the outbreak damage to people's health and on the socio-economic impact. &Nbsp; the second, the strengthening of monitoring, implementation of epidemic situation report systems   all localities must continue to do influenza sentinel surveillance, early detection of increased influenza activity exception to monitor closely the virus mutates. Level medical institutions must further strengthen pre-clearance of triage system, noticed suspicious cases should seriously ask case history of epidemiology, especially dead poultry exposure history; should effectively strengthen monitoring, unexplained cases of pneumonia management and troubleshooting, especially mass unexplained surveillance, detection of pneumonia, reports and review work, and pressing time for direct network report. Level disease prevention control agency should conscientiously carrying out epidemiological surveys, timely public health emergency direct network report events to audit information, China CDC must strengthen pathogen of influenza surveillance and monitoring technical guidance. Health administrative departments at all levels must strengthen their area in health institutions in avian influenza monitoring and reporting on the work of the Steering checked to ensure the effective implementation of outbreak reporting system. &Nbsp; and actively preparing conscientiously technologies and matériel reserve of health administrative departments at all levels in particular World Expo in Shanghai and Guangzhou Asian Games held in and around the provincial health administrative departments should further improve the work of relevant plans and programmes to guide effective development of medical and health institutions in the area ordered in summer and autumn of respiratory tract infectious diseases prevention and control. To strengthen the focus on medical institutions, capacity-building in key departments. Disease control and prevention and detection reagents, consumables and antiviral drugs in medical institutions, eliminating kill medical device and protective equipment reserves and explicitly calling procedures to ensure timely and effective use of these materials. To improving medical training, key strengthen case detection, early treatment capacity, further enhancing control avian influenza respiratory infection sensitivity. &Nbsp; four, respond in a timely manner, effectivel

Ministry of health, strengthen

&Ldquo; we need to build a massive information system. &Rdquo; the Ministry of health recently held a briefing on the progress of food security-related work. Chinese CDC nutrition with food safety Executive Deputy Director Yan Weixing, against foodborne diseases monitoring content when answering questions as expressed.satellite, said the Ministry of health is strengthening the construction of foodborne disease surveillance, “ capacity-building in this regard, first, as we discover by food health damage caused by events, the second is to understand the focus of the monitoring, understanding what are the main causes of foodborne diseases, so that we can distinguish between a priority. &Rdquo; satellite had made specific contents: one is to further improve the reporting system of food poisoning. Second, establish exceptions in over more than 300 hospitals health monitoring system, “ found exception condition on the clinical, to study the possibility and food-related? And food-related, we can and as soon as possible into the investigation and analysis, to timely detection, early control role. &Rdquo; three is active surveillance of foodborne diseases, select representative monitoring point in the country, through a retrospective about the incidence, last estimated incidence of foodborne diseases in the country at which level. “ of course, this work has just started, task very difficult, with the deepening of the work, in our regulatory means, means of prevention, early detection of problems on the richer, more than that. &Rdquo;“ we have so many monitoring to be done, but also all over so many specific hospitals, all over the province, we need to build a massive information system. &Rdquo; satellite said information seems more and more important in today's society, it has a strong comprehensive analysis capabilities, has a strong overall evaluation function, and make monitoring more effective and faster. “ from the large information system, the Ministry of health has been in the building, such as our standard work, past everyone on the network do not have access to the standard text, you see may be a standard number and title, today that work has been achieved, all food safety standards of the Ministry of health published the full text in the Ministry of Health Web site, you can query at any time. &Rdquo; satellite stressed that this is the information system information made public, an important construction element of information exchange.satellite also points out that building of the Ministry of health has also gradually improved disease, “ may have two platforms on the construction of General information, a whole community platform for the exchange of, the other is a communication platform. Includes front addressed the issue of risk monitoring, it must have a big computer background system, we must establish and perfect later, making our work more efficient, more scientific, more accurate, work in this area is just getting started. Along with our efforts, should be gradually built up. &Rdquo, (zhongxinwang, June 20) news links: Ministry of health, strengthening of food-borne disease surveillance    perfect food poisoning report system;

Elderly falls intervention tec

On September 6, the Ministry of health published the falls in the elderly intervention technique guide (hereinafter referred to as guidelines). The Guide noted that, in accordance with the international classification of diseases (ICD-10) classification of falls, falls down includes the following two categories: (1) from one plane to another, a plane drops, and (2) the same plane fell.fall is the fourth cause of injury deaths in China, and as the first in the elderly over 65 years old. Falls in the elderly mortality increases with age has risen dramatically. Fall in addition to which older persons were killed, a large number of people with disabilities and affect the physical and mental health of the elderly. As we fall fear can reduce the ability of older persons, restricted the scope of its activities, reduced quality of life.falls in the elderly is not an accident, but there are potential risk factors, elderly falls can be prevented and controlled. In Western developed countries, have been active in the area of prevention of falls in the elderly of the intervention, greatly reduce the incidence of falls in the elderly. This guide from the perspective of public health concluded both at home and abroad elderly falls prevention and control of evidence and experience, made interventions and methods with a view to engaging in fall prevention in the elderly people, and provides technical support, effectively reducing elderly falls.elderly fall risk factor for both internal and external risk factors, elderly falls is the result of interaction of multiple factors. Guide points out that the declines in old central control, compared to reduce, drive away swing a large, reaction ability decreases, response time, balance, coordination exercise ability decreases, degeneration of central nervous system and musculoskeletal system feature degradation resulting fall increased risk, thus leading to increased risk of hip fracture. In addition, drug and psychological factors are associated with falls in the elderly, especially the use of psychotropic elderly.falls of elderly people in the prevention and control interventions related to policies and measures, the guide points out that may refer to the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended injury prevention public health method of four steps. Through developed countries fell to evidence based interventions made by research, WHO recommended series of effective measures table 1. 1  table at the same time, clinicians and users should also note that rational drug use in the elderly, do not randomly drug use, avoid taking multiple drugs, reduce medication dose as possible, understand the reaction of drug side-effects of attention after the drugs, after the administration of movement should be slow to prevent falls. (Old medication side effects see table 2)   table 2 in fall of older persons, guide pointed out once the elderly fall, dont catch, processing and give detailed approach.elderly falls prevention is a comprehensive intervention that involves many factors. On older persons in different place of falls prevention involves several departments. Cooperation between the relevant government departments is the guarantee of elderly falls prevention work as well. While other agencies, such as scientific research and education unit, community, Enterprise, media, NGOs, international organizations and other sectors of society equally has played an important role. Elderly fall interventions should be: governmental leadership, departments own duties, society participation, health sector monitoring, communicating, advocacy, addition, the Guide also provides ability to improve elderly balance “ small formulas ” for reference.falls in the elderly intervention technique guide book download (Note: a larger file, please be patient): the directory old people fall intervention technique guide text

Elderly patients with atrial f

Professor Wang Yutang in “ the ninth Forum on atrial fibrillation in China (CAFS 2011) ” meeting   talk as we all know, compared to patients with and without atrial fibrillation, atrial fibrillation significantly increased risk of stroke, in patients with thrombotic events, anticoagulation and antiplatelet therapy in atrial fibrillation patients will benefit patients. But elderly patients with atrial fibrillation in the elderly because of its tendencies both bleeding and thrombosis are unique, not only to increased risk of stroke, bleeding risk also increases, which gives the clinician a difficulty of anticoagulant therapy. And in the event of bleeding in elderly patients with atrial fibrillation, about one-third in patients with recurrent thrombotic events.on August 5, held at the Crowne Plaza Beijing new Yunnan “ the ninth Forum on atrial fibrillation in China (CAFS 2011) ” meeting, PLA, Professor of cardiovascular medicine Yutang Wang summarizes how the elderly patients with atrial fibrillation anticoagulation therapy experience editing medical Forum network to finish his speech to the essence content, share with readers.King Professor recommendations, on elderly room fibrillation patients of anticoagulant treatment required note following several points: 1, and joint China BK Frem and the anti-platelet drug than simple anti-platelet treatment may reduced death, and heart infarction and the then vascular of, composite end event; 2, and anticoagulant treatment in the to attention bleeding assessment, including balance thrombosis prevention, then made heart infarction or bracket thrombosis and the bleeding risk; 3, and bleeding of high risk factors including elderly, female, has past bleeding history, and renal function failure and the using had platelet sugar protein IIb/ IIIa receptor antagonists; 4, recommendations of elderly patients with atrial fibrillation anticoagulation international normalized ratio (INR) for 1.8-2.5 5, anticoagulant course rely on bleeding risk, bracket type and percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI).last, King Professor summary: 1, and age ≥75 aged of room fibrillation patients, if while has a item or a item above dangerous factors "hypertension, and heart failure, and diabetes, and stroke in the or short sexual brain deficiency blood attack (TIA)", should oral anticoagulant agent (OAC) anticoagulant treatment; 2, and both high thrombosis risk also has high bleeding risk of elderly room fibrillation patients, anticoagulant treatment in the should carefully weighed stroke and bleeding risk; 3, and high bleeding risk elderly room fibrillation patients in the, May using up than jiaqun alternative China method forest anticoagulant treatment, due to former has and China method forest also of anti-suppository effect, but cranial hemorrhage, bleeding risk reduced; 4, and elderly elderly room fibrillation PCI patients anticoagulant treatment to weighed stroke, and then made heart infarction, and bracket thrombosis and the bleeding risk, anticoagulant course rely on Yu bleeding risk, bracket type and the PCI situation; more related reading: ninth session China atrial fibrillation Forum held Sichuan University huaxi hospital Huang Dejia Professor do report (atrial fibrillation prevention of new viewpoint under Click to view the content of the essence of the report) Professor Wu Shulin of Guangdong provincial people's Hospital reports, of the persistent Atrial Fibrillation Ablation strategies Beijing Union Hospital of Professor Fang Quan reports on China and the atrial fibrillation anticoagulation in patients with the indications of and reflections on the strength of