Friday, October 7, 2011

Elderly falls intervention tec

On September 6, the Ministry of health published the falls in the elderly intervention technique guide (hereinafter referred to as guidelines). The Guide noted that, in accordance with the international classification of diseases (ICD-10) classification of falls, falls down includes the following two categories: (1) from one plane to another, a plane drops, and (2) the same plane fell.fall is the fourth cause of injury deaths in China, and as the first in the elderly over 65 years old. Falls in the elderly mortality increases with age has risen dramatically. Fall in addition to which older persons were killed, a large number of people with disabilities and affect the physical and mental health of the elderly. As we fall fear can reduce the ability of older persons, restricted the scope of its activities, reduced quality of life.falls in the elderly is not an accident, but there are potential risk factors, elderly falls can be prevented and controlled. In Western developed countries, have been active in the area of prevention of falls in the elderly of the intervention, greatly reduce the incidence of falls in the elderly. This guide from the perspective of public health concluded both at home and abroad elderly falls prevention and control of evidence and experience, made interventions and methods with a view to engaging in fall prevention in the elderly people, and provides technical support, effectively reducing elderly falls.elderly fall risk factor for both internal and external risk factors, elderly falls is the result of interaction of multiple factors. Guide points out that the declines in old central control, compared to reduce, drive away swing a large, reaction ability decreases, response time, balance, coordination exercise ability decreases, degeneration of central nervous system and musculoskeletal system feature degradation resulting fall increased risk, thus leading to increased risk of hip fracture. In addition, drug and psychological factors are associated with falls in the elderly, especially the use of psychotropic elderly.falls of elderly people in the prevention and control interventions related to policies and measures, the guide points out that may refer to the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended injury prevention public health method of four steps. Through developed countries fell to evidence based interventions made by research, WHO recommended series of effective measures table 1. 1  table at the same time, clinicians and users should also note that rational drug use in the elderly, do not randomly drug use, avoid taking multiple drugs, reduce medication dose as possible, understand the reaction of drug side-effects of attention after the drugs, after the administration of movement should be slow to prevent falls. (Old medication side effects see table 2)   table 2 in fall of older persons, guide pointed out once the elderly fall, dont catch, processing and give detailed approach.elderly falls prevention is a comprehensive intervention that involves many factors. On older persons in different place of falls prevention involves several departments. Cooperation between the relevant government departments is the guarantee of elderly falls prevention work as well. While other agencies, such as scientific research and education unit, community, Enterprise, media, NGOs, international organizations and other sectors of society equally has played an important role. Elderly fall interventions should be: governmental leadership, departments own duties, society participation, health sector monitoring, communicating, advocacy, addition, the Guide also provides ability to improve elderly balance “ small formulas ” for reference.falls in the elderly intervention technique guide book download (Note: a larger file, please be patient): the directory old people fall intervention technique guide text

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