Friday, October 7, 2011

Ministry of health, strengthen

&Ldquo; we need to build a massive information system. &Rdquo; the Ministry of health recently held a briefing on the progress of food security-related work. Chinese CDC nutrition with food safety Executive Deputy Director Yan Weixing, against foodborne diseases monitoring content when answering questions as expressed.satellite, said the Ministry of health is strengthening the construction of foodborne disease surveillance, “ capacity-building in this regard, first, as we discover by food health damage caused by events, the second is to understand the focus of the monitoring, understanding what are the main causes of foodborne diseases, so that we can distinguish between a priority. &Rdquo; satellite had made specific contents: one is to further improve the reporting system of food poisoning. Second, establish exceptions in over more than 300 hospitals health monitoring system, “ found exception condition on the clinical, to study the possibility and food-related? And food-related, we can and as soon as possible into the investigation and analysis, to timely detection, early control role. &Rdquo; three is active surveillance of foodborne diseases, select representative monitoring point in the country, through a retrospective about the incidence, last estimated incidence of foodborne diseases in the country at which level. “ of course, this work has just started, task very difficult, with the deepening of the work, in our regulatory means, means of prevention, early detection of problems on the richer, more than that. &Rdquo;“ we have so many monitoring to be done, but also all over so many specific hospitals, all over the province, we need to build a massive information system. &Rdquo; satellite said information seems more and more important in today's society, it has a strong comprehensive analysis capabilities, has a strong overall evaluation function, and make monitoring more effective and faster. “ from the large information system, the Ministry of health has been in the building, such as our standard work, past everyone on the network do not have access to the standard text, you see may be a standard number and title, today that work has been achieved, all food safety standards of the Ministry of health published the full text in the Ministry of Health Web site, you can query at any time. &Rdquo; satellite stressed that this is the information system information made public, an important construction element of information exchange.satellite also points out that building of the Ministry of health has also gradually improved disease, “ may have two platforms on the construction of General information, a whole community platform for the exchange of, the other is a communication platform. Includes front addressed the issue of risk monitoring, it must have a big computer background system, we must establish and perfect later, making our work more efficient, more scientific, more accurate, work in this area is just getting started. Along with our efforts, should be gradually built up. &Rdquo, (zhongxinwang, June 20) news links: Ministry of health, strengthening of food-borne disease surveillance    perfect food poisoning report system;

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