Friday, October 7, 2011

Ministry of health, more human

Recently, Hubei Province, report of 1 case of human infection with highly pathogenic avian influenza (hereinafter referred to as human avian influenza) cases, patients save invalid died. After the outbreak occurred, Hubei province health department attached great importance to, in accordance with the relevant provisions and programmes, epidemiological surveys, carried out in a timely manner in close contacts of isolated medical observation, epidemic prevention and control measures such as health propaganda, the epidemic is effectively controlled. &Nbsp; currently, in China South area will entered summer influenza peak, for further strengthening national people avian influenza, respiratory infectious diseases control work, effective should may appears of outbreak, effectively protection masses body health and life security, is now on about work requirements is as follows:   a, and strengthening leadership, implementation joint defense joint controlled work mechanism   at all levels health administrative sector to full awareness to people avian influenza, respiratory infectious diseases on masses body health of threat, May have a serious impact on the socio-economic development, further strengthening of human avian influenza and other respiratory infectious disease prevention and control of leadership, necessary to deal with the implementation of the control mechanism, strengthen coordination and communication. All localities should take effective measures, risk of early detection of respiratory tract infectious disease outbreaks, and doing all kinds of respiratory tract infectious disease prevention and control, timely and appropriate response to unexpected events, reduce the outbreak damage to people's health and on the socio-economic impact. &Nbsp; the second, the strengthening of monitoring, implementation of epidemic situation report systems   all localities must continue to do influenza sentinel surveillance, early detection of increased influenza activity exception to monitor closely the virus mutates. Level medical institutions must further strengthen pre-clearance of triage system, noticed suspicious cases should seriously ask case history of epidemiology, especially dead poultry exposure history; should effectively strengthen monitoring, unexplained cases of pneumonia management and troubleshooting, especially mass unexplained surveillance, detection of pneumonia, reports and review work, and pressing time for direct network report. Level disease prevention control agency should conscientiously carrying out epidemiological surveys, timely public health emergency direct network report events to audit information, China CDC must strengthen pathogen of influenza surveillance and monitoring technical guidance. Health administrative departments at all levels must strengthen their area in health institutions in avian influenza monitoring and reporting on the work of the Steering checked to ensure the effective implementation of outbreak reporting system. &Nbsp; and actively preparing conscientiously technologies and matériel reserve of health administrative departments at all levels in particular World Expo in Shanghai and Guangzhou Asian Games held in and around the provincial health administrative departments should further improve the work of relevant plans and programmes to guide effective development of medical and health institutions in the area ordered in summer and autumn of respiratory tract infectious diseases prevention and control. To strengthen the focus on medical institutions, capacity-building in key departments. Disease control and prevention and detection reagents, consumables and antiviral drugs in medical institutions, eliminating kill medical device and protective equipment reserves and explicitly calling procedures to ensure timely and effective use of these materials. To improving medical training, key strengthen case detection, early treatment capacity, further enhancing control avian influenza respiratory infection sensitivity. &Nbsp; four, respond in a timely manner, effectivel

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