Friday, March 23, 2012

Revolutionary astronomical watch: Athens on a moonlit night of fantasy

true force to challenge the ultimate sailing watches


really challenge the ultimate sailing watches gucci fake watch corum replica the case to withstand environmental shocks and shock at the same time which can effectively disperse and absorb impact homemade Zenithium metal shaft hardening process the movement the use of bezel black titanium metal and inlaid with carbon fiber a new titanium metal bracelet with a blue central chain the side of the mosaic decoration of the blue complex christian dior fake watch water resistant up to 1000 m

As one of the weapon of the human conquest of the ocean modern clocks have been in the maritime industry occupy an indispensable position the Europeans had spent hundreds of years and countless resources replica corum watches until the mid-18th century until finally the invention can be effective against vibration temperature nautical clock. Speaking of nautical clock the Englishman John Harrison absolutely can not be ignored. the village watchmaker exhausted the life experience to create a nautical bell widely used for future generations. It is not only accurate measurement of longitude but also to resist vibration and temperature difference .1757 Harrison completed the H3 which is manufactured by his nautical bell of the third generation of improved H3 contains several new inventions Harrison round balancer instead of original dumbbell balancer to solve the problem of centrifugal force. he created a "bimetal" Hoop Strip instead of "grill" was originally used to resist temperature changes and this metal film is still widely used in the thermostat. He also invented a kind of clamp ring ball bearing this bearing until now can be found on a machine with moving parts.

British Navy specifically ordered a large number of nautical clock for sailing warships to use and low price for each vessel can be equipped with several nautical clock when the British Royal Navy "Beagle" in 1831 set sail board the ship carrying 22 nautical clock Darwin is aboard the "Beagle" global line conceived the idea of the Origin of Species "a book of 2009 table has launched a" Islands chronograph its design inspiration from Darwin wrote "Origin of Species" had arrived in person by archipelago of 19 volcanic islands even though the watch is not really involved in sailing-related elements but curing the coating for the design of the case and case back engraved relief of sea turtles have been enough to cause such as the immersive feel far away from the hustle and bustle of the world outside style.

Historically the nautical clock manufacturing in Harrison seamen accustomed to locate the moon and stars they instinctively do not believe in a metal box instead of the universe and God in their view watch the hands of a magician's Box mysterious and completely incomprehensible and therefore not reliable. However when more and more sailors began using the navigational clock to complete the feat in global waters marine clock also will be becoming a Voyager essential navigational instruments .1884 another nautical history of major incidents and International regulations to calculate the longitude of the starting point through the outskirts of London England Pellegrini governance Observatory meridian as early meridian east longitude zero zero zero seconds. the prime meridian of longitude 180 degrees swiss replica watches compared with longitude 180 degrees west of the Earth is round sphere longitude 180 degrees west longitude 180 degrees coincide and become a warp countries also recognized 180 degrees of longitude to the International Date Line in the face of the land the International Date Line will be offset in order to avoid the same area on two different dates. established the longitude sailors only be displayed nautical bell in the sea to observe the sun at noon time can be translated out of the current longitude.

early nautical bell must Observatory test but the appearance is a wide range swiss replica watches a wide variety of shapes and mode of operation once the crew has caused no small trouble. Athens and other brands imported pragmatic philosophy. provides a high degree of standardization of the nautical clock reference. Glashutte replica tudor watch Longines Hamilton worked in the history of the military has a large number of watches brands based on uniform design standards for the manufacture of nautical clock - in the design of compact the Mu Xia the pendulum of two symmetric connections nautical clock offset with the hull shaking impact on the timing accuracy in 2008 the design philosophy of the old sailing bell Genelec into watches this technology shock four challenges the ultimate sailing watches have shock-absorbing mechanism this is similar to the "universal joint" creative inspiration in fact precisely from the original design principle of the nautical bell

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