Friday, March 16, 2012

2012 SIHH card Cartier jewelry new watch About

abstract symmetrical jewelery equation:
Broken lines, the balance between the perspective effect of parallel geometric world of Cartier jewelry watches series the perfect interpretation of the brand. Intermittent and coherent, combining complicated and minimalist aesthetic concepts of production, so soft and flexible bracelets without symmetrical abstract design, showing a strong contrast of lightness and strength.
Rectangular, square and round diamonds, Cartier for a watch to create a bold lines, while Smart cut diamond and sapphire beads are smooth and cylindrical in contrast to various hollow patterns set off further a magnificent gem.
A watch dial is cleverly hidden in the dense diamond engraved geometric pattern door or mini square. Time looming, a magic moment cast a mask like a shadow game, add these unique masterpiece , also show the manufacturing process from fine jewelry watch

Montre riviere classique watch, white K gold, inlaid with diamonds
K, 18 K white gold, rhodium-plated case
14 Princess Cut diamonds, total weight of 1.26 karats
50 Princess Cut rectangular diamonds, total weight of 5.21 karats
116 brilliant-cut diamonds, total weight of 3.16 karats
A diamond-shaped standard
Quartz movement
Spent about 250 hours

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