Friday, March 23, 2012

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht Mingshi type II

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht Master Scuba type II


Rolex Oyster Perpetual yacht Mingshi Type II - Rolex ROLEX (Yacht-Master) was born in 1992 replica certina watches with bi-directional rotation of the outer ring (for the crew before the start of the race the countdown stage set time or oyster special watch the only one with both the three models (29 mm 35 mm 40 mm) works in 2007 Rolex introduced the Yacht Malibu type II assembly 4160 movement a more convenient 10 minutes Countdown start and reset functions called tailored for the large yacht race for professional use table. It has 18K gold and 18K white gold two models to choose from including Gold models with blue ceramic bezel platinum models with solid platinum bezel with raised numbers.

five common ground between the

watch the sailing

dynamic way: watch and sailing are not using any energy. rely on wind sailing in the case of wind and wind can be run. pure rather than participate in any competition for the leisure sailing retrofitting of diesel engines according to the wishes of the individual in order to cope with the sea completely calm the situation. Coincidentally replica watches watches also can use the automatic winding and manual winding two ways to provide power for the winding. some people suspected of winding too much trouble so just wear a quartz watch


mechanical structure: the complexity of the sail and mast and the mechanical watch movement Yipin. the structure of the different levels of sailing the mast and the sails are completely different replica blancpain but they are in order to maximize the use of wind power and improve speed taking into account the safety of the mechanical watch movement is also in numerous disciplines derived from a variety of dazzling complexity but no matter how complex the table the timing accuracy and stability is always the existence can not be ignored.

handling: watches and sailing are not used to show off the decorations swiss vacheron constantin watch both manipulative and can bring people to control the fun. only watch we call play it is a person of their own entertainment large sailboat is a campaign carried out by a team with very challenging. two fractious fun a perfect combination of large sailing whether it is ten minutes before the game starts the countdown stage. or during the race on time and all kinds of emergencies to control the so-called manipulative power is not the most important a lot of the time it requires you to make accurate judgments.

masculine: traditionally sailing as do the men's movement bedat co replica men control sailing challenge of nature they want to have their own space and do not want women to participate. Many women are reluctant to try sailing which may be related to personal factors for example can not stand the time and bathing hairdressing make-up and the fear of tanning. watch is also dominated by men men watch has a more profound understanding of and through it to control the time in the women's eyes not so much like to watch swiss blancpain watches might as well like that person gave their watches which they want to help each other and love is a reason.

connotation: Watch and sailing the same expensive can not read are equally young replica watches middle-aged people like them very much. sailing men women and children can participate in sailing is usually age relatively large so we sometimes also known as the sailing of the "Gentleman Race" (a gentleman of the contest). wearing a watch too to go through years of tough training and only know how to lock their own achievements in watch

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