Monday, September 26, 2011

National inventory of 140,000 three-year evaluation and honoring of the project more than 97% withdrawal rate

According to the Xinhua News Agency Xinhua recently, in recognition of the national appraisal standards coordination group (hereinafter referred to as the Coordination Group) responsible for the recognition of human activities on the standard appraisal standards of work-related issues told reporters.

To further consolidate the results of clean-up standards, last October, the CPC Central Committee and State Council issued the "Measures for the Administration appraisal standards in recognition of activities (Trial)", by the end of appraisal standards in recognition of the establishment of a national coordination group.

Person in charge of the coordination group, according to the State Council required in 2006 to 2009, led by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and other departments involved, a total inventory of a variety of appraisal standards in recognition of the project 148 405, retained the 4218 projects with a total withdrawal rate of 97.16%.

According to reports, the implementation of appraisal standards in recognition of the total project control, in addition to the reservations already approved projects, in principle, and then add a standing item.

Appraisal standards in recognition of activities carried out during the requirements? In this regard, the person in charge of various regions and departments in the organization to carry out the process of appraisal standards in recognition of activities, should earnestly adhere to the following four points:

First, the content in strict accordance with the approved project appraisal standards in recognition of activities carried out without approval may not change, not as a "Chinese" or "Chinese", "National" and so forth.

Second, insist on bottom-up, step by step audit recommendations. For the cadres of the organs and institutions recommended by the cadre management authority, to seek the organization and personnel, discipline inspection and supervision departments to; for recommended companies and enterprises to seek business, taxation, discipline inspection and supervision, safety production sector views.

Third, selection criteria, selection methods and selected results of publicity to the extent appropriate, are generally not named Deputy Secretaries, Deputy Secretaries or equivalent to more units and cadres, party or government above the county level, county level cadres strictly controlled proportion.

Fourth, financial discipline and strict compliance with financial regulations, the organizer shall not in any way be charged to the eligible costs of the units and individuals or disguised charges.

In addition, the coordination group will carry out supervision and inspection in due course. For the unauthorized conduct or activities beyond the approved content to the ground to the grass-roots activities, enterprises and the masses fees assessed, sponsorship and wasteful spending, indiscriminate acts of violation of discipline such as money and goods will be severely dealt with relevant departments to give . Causing negative impact on society, the masses are more strongly commend the project appraisal standards, in accordance with relevant provisions of the timely withdrawal. All localities and departments should promptly carry out supervision and inspection, discipline inspection, auditing and financial institutions, human resources and social security departments by the division of labor standards in recognition of activities to strengthen the supervision and appraisal inspection. Coordination group will be published appraisal standards in recognition of activities, project approval, and accept social supervision.

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