Thursday, September 29, 2011

Neuronavigation minimally inva

Report from  , (reporter   Liu Chang   resident journalist Dai Runming) Shanghai Huashan hospital affiliated to Fudan University Professor Zhou liangfu, in 1997, China has pioneered neuronavigation surgery of clinical and basic research, central nervous system structure and function of the realization of the precise three-dimensional localization and tracking, modern to the minimally invasive neurosurgery, precision, safety and efficiency of development goals and promoting.   Recently, the research results to be the seventh "Shanghai medical science and technology award" award. The research team independent innovation, after more than 10 years, conquered following difficulties: 1. research team Yu 2005 completed function neural navigation surgery treatment movement area brain tumor of mass, and prospect sexual clinical controlled test research, confirmed the technology may significantly improve movement area brain tumor of surgery effect; 2. established micro-catheter positioning method, for brain glial tumor and the more made tumor surgery process in the, in monitoring brain shift situation of while improve lesions full cut rate; 3. collaborative Fudan University Digital Medical Research Center, Carried out brain deformation correction software research and development, effective upgrade domestic neural navigation system of independent technology content and dynamic positioning precision, and implementation has based on low field strength operation in the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of function neural navigation surgery; 4. research personnel Yu 2006 introduced low field strength operation in the MRI real-time image navigation technology, carried out brain glial tumor and pituitary tumor of prospect sexual clinical research, further improve has navigation surgery of dynamic precision and tumor resection rate and the clinical effect.   

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