Thursday, September 29, 2011

New anti-tumor protein or to c

Recently, life sciences, Fudan University in Shanghai Huang Qingshan Professor leading the research team found a new anti-tumor protein SPINK6 to be effective in inhibiting tumor cell invasion and metastasis, the results should be used for clinical, is expected to reduce patient's tumor after resection of hepatocellular carcinoma recurrence rate for the second time. Introduction to Huang Qingshan, SPINK6 is in the course of their study on anti-tumor effects of Parvovirus has no intention of finding. Found preliminary observations on researchers on the principle SPINK6 played role in cancer may have two: first by affecting the tumor suppressing gene p53, inhibiting tumor cell malignant hyperplasia; second, by regulating cell adhesion and exercise capacity, inhibiting tumor cell infiltration and metastasis, thereby inhibiting tumor recurrence and metastases. Anti-tumor protein significantly SPINK6 than other 3 big advantages, the SPINK6 produced by the body's own, they will not have immune toxicity; outside the SPINK6 is a secreted protein, do not need to enter into cells work; in vitro and in vivo experimental study found that for multiple hepatocellular carcinoma cells with strong inhibition of the protein. These advantages genetic engineering drugs to be developed for the treatment of liver cancer are important.   

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